Our Contests Are Complete for the year.

Tonight was the results night for our 3rd contest of the year. Thanks to Len Grincevicius and his wife for all the work they put in on the contests. It is a major task and they are probably thankful there are only three a year. Thanks also to those club members that show up to assist with the judging. It would be very difficult without them being there to assist.

Congratulations to Bronwyn Moody who earned first place in both categories. I find it interesting to learn she is using her bridge camera and consistently earns at least a top 3 position.

Congratulations also to everybody that entered the contest. There were no scores below a 21 and in the past I have seen a few 16’s,, 17’s etc.  Our members’ skills must be improving.

In the past I have received a few 24 scores and after listening to the comments, I went home feeling a failure. I since then viewed the CAPA contest material and an 8 out of 10 is considered “Excellent”. So three eights equal 24 which is excellent. After listening to Judges’ comments I realized their comments are only their perception, how they like to see the photo, or some actual flaw that could be corrected before submission.

The last photo I entered into a contest earned a 26 but I only looked at the first comment and dumped the picture into my failed entry pile.  I liked that picture so much that I had a different copy made, matted and framed.  Spend money, never, but I really liked that picture.  When I dug it out tonight I finally realized it earned a 26.  The first comment was “The parts that are out of focus are nice”.  The other comments are normal. The picture was early morning with 3 geese landing on a pond with a heavy mist covered everything. My opinion now, is that comments are only a suggestion and should be considered and discarded if they don’t fit your image you are trying to communicate. You know what you wanted to capture and you should be the real judge.