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Contest Entry Rules and Procedures: Updated October 15, 2023

Woodstock Camera Club has three regular contests every year, plus the Photo Art Contest. Other contests may be held periodically; however, only points from the three regular contests will count toward year-end totals and awards. Digital images only are currently accepted.

Regular Contest Entries

General Requirements for Digital Images

  1. All entries must be the original work of the photographer and an honest depiction of what was seen. Photographs of another person’s art are not allowed unless the artwork is just a component of the overall image. As an example, a photo of a sculpture or painting is not allowed but a scene of several people admiring the sculpture or painting is allowed.
  2. Two entries per contest are allowed, one per category. One is usually open for the photographer’s choice.
  3. Digital entries shall be submitted by 11:59 p.m. of the deadline date, which will be announced beforehand.
  4. Previously judged images cannot be re-entered into contests.
  5. Contest categories must be followed. Disqualification of an entry may result if the image is not within the contest category. The photographer will be contacted should it be necessary to disqualify their image. The decision to disqualify an image lies solely with the Contest Chair.
  6. A panel of qualified judges will judge submissions and provide comments. The judges’ scores are final.

Editing: Acceptable Digital Adjustments

Any editing must be the work of the entrant. Accepted digital adjustments include:

  1. Burning and dodging to adjust the exposure i.e., lightness, darkness, or tonal range of parts of the image or of the whole image.
  2. Cropping to change an image’s boundaries.
  3. Flipping or rotating to change an image’s orientation.
  4. Brightness, contrast, highlight and shadow detail adjustment.
  5. White balance and/or colour adjustment. Conversion to monochrome or removal of certain colours, for example, taking everything out but red.
  6. Perspective Correction to adjust the vertical or horizontal distortion in an image.
  7. Sharpening.
  8. Redeye Reduction.
  9. Vignetting to lighten or darken corners for emphasis.
  10. Repair by cloning/healing of image faults such as dust, lint, and sensor spots, scratches, and noise.
  11. Limited cloning to remove distractions such as hydro lines and signposts.
  12. Stitching together two or more images to create a panorama whether in camera or with editing software.
  13. HDR Merger – merging images for exposure control whether in camera or with editing software.

WCC Contest Information 2023-24

WCC Contest Information 2023-24
Categories:(Besides Open)
Contest 1:Up Close
Contest 2:Celebrate the Great Outdoors
Contest 3:Inside
Contest 1:Due:Nov 5
Results:Nov 16
Contest 2:Due:Jan 21
Results:Feb 22
Contest 3:Due:March 10
Results:March 21
Photo Art:Due:Ap 14
Results:May 16GALA

Contest Entry Rules and Procedures: Updated October 15, 2023

Click hear to download contest entry rules and procedures.

2023-2024 Season

The Woodstock Camera Club has moved it’s location and changed it’s meeting dates.
The new location is:

UNIFOR 636 Hall
126 Beale St, Woodstock

The meetings are held on the 1st Wed and 3rd Thurs from Sept to May from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Grand Valley Image Battle 2021

The Woodstock Camera Club is hosting this year’s GVIB. Again, as meetings have
been held virtually in the recent past, the GVIB will be digital and online. This format will
allow club members to participate safely and look forward to the time when we can all
participate together again.

Here are the instructions for this year’s competition:

Welcome Message: Good afternoon everyone

With the hot, hazy days of summer almost behind us and the crisp, cool fall coming in the air, it is time to think of getting back to Camera Club again.

Our program for the upcoming 2021–22 year is posted on our website now.
Please take the time to check out this exciting new program, filled with new guest speakers and presentations that I’m sure everyone will enjoy.
With Covid still hanging in the air and refusing to give up we have decided that we will continue with our ZOOM presentations at this time.
If you haven’t been on ZOOM it is very easy to get logged in and to follow.
Our communications chair, Jan Grincevicius, will send out an email to get you started with ZOOM.

We have an excellent variety of personalities and subjects this year that I’m sure will be of interest to everyone.

Check out the website also for contest themes for this year.

With that being said it is also time to renew your membership for the coming year or to you think about becoming a new member.
We would appreciate it if all memberships were in by the end of August 2021.
Membership fees have remained $50 and can be paid in one of three ways:
1. You can drop a check off at my home.
2. You can email your check to Denise Rooke.
3. You can eTransfer directly to our treasurer Denise Rooke.
If you are already a member you will not have to fill out the membership form unless you’ve changed any of your information.
If you are a new member signing up you will be required to fill out the membership form and send it in with payment.
If you have any questions Or require more information you can contact me at OR

We look forward to seeing you at our first zoom meeting on September 8, 2021.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Linda Feick
Program Chair