Wildlife Photographer of the Year – ROM

On Wednesday Sept 9, I asked for input for the web page. The next day I received this from a new member to be:

“Please accept this wee update on what I believe will be a fascinating exhibition presented at ROM – Royal Ontario Museum.

It is entitled “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” and encompasses the display of the 100 best photographs selected from more than 43,000 entries. The program runs from Nov 21st through mid March 2016. It also includes various programs, and work shops related to the joining together of photography and biodiversity.

A complete overview of the ROM offerings associated with this event can be found at www.ROM.ON.CA/WPY.

If you believe this to be an event of interest to WCC it may be a candidate for the club’s website.

Darrell Harper
(new member 2B)”

This definitely sounds worth while checking out! It is also one type of information I can use on the web site. Thank you Darrell.