Ripley’s Aquarium Trip

Hello Everyone,JB5D4471
Just wanted to share some of my experience last Saturday.  What a fantastic trip.  Had a great time.  I thank Linda, Deb and Bill for their hard work.  I think everyone had a great time.  Boy was it ever hard to get images in the aquarium.  The acrylic sure was so challenging, really hard to focus and nothing seems to be really sharp.  I could not really show any images without first giving them a once over in Lightroom (actually two or three times over). Biggest thing was removing noise which smoothed the images and took away some detail but made them not so bad.  I hope everyone had fun and will share their images as well.  I look forward to seeing all of them.

I really enjoy using my wide angle and fish-eye so used them mostly at the Distillery.  Not all the best images but I shared them because I had fun taking them.



All the pictures are available on the Members’ Site.
Hope to see a bunch of you June 27 for the RBG trip.
Best Regards,
Jeff Brown.