Scavenger Hunt Oct 4, 2014

Uh Oh I thought to myself as I saw the cruiser at the side of the road. The first rule for the hunt was no speeding and you were responsible for your own tickets. Turns out I wasn’t really speeding as I was in a 60 zone and hadn’t really looked at my speedometer. That scare over with I continued on with the topic at hand, the WCC Scavenger Hunt and BBQ.

Approximately 15 of us had turned up despite the impending rain and cold. The rest of the club missed a great time. It stayed cold and windy but we only had a few drops of occasional rain, not enough to bother the cameras.  The sun came out many times during the day and the clouds were fantastic for photography.


We went to Southside Park, and then headed off though the southern portion of Oxford County to search for clues. We spent more time parked and wandering the selected venues than driving. Do you know how long it takes to find 9 roosters in a garden centre only to find out there were more.


There was a dog, I made the mistake of petting only to have it want more and more and more.

Do you know where to find a mountain and a cougar in Oxford County, we do (now)?



How many people drive past a Centaur everyday, never realizing it sits proudly on a pedestal for all to see? (Or maybe flying?)

CentaurThe hunt finished at Vic and Penny Whitcroft’s house, what excellent hosts. Thank you Vic and Penny.

I know this hunt took some time and determination by it’s creators to make it near perfect. It obviously wasn’t perfect because their clues were different from my interpretation and therefore I didn’t get all the answers.

It was a really fun club outing and everybody that didn’t make it sure missed out. Thank you Linda Feick, Ruth Ann and Larry Rule, Yvonne Boniface, Pat and Larry Ford, Vic and Penny Whitcroft.