Halton County Radial Railway

October 18, 2014
The weather was a little cool with occasional drizzle but that didn’t really hamper the outing.
RR 3
Smooth talking Jeff Brown got one of the staff to let us into the area where the volunteers refurbish the various rolling stock they have.
RR 2
Bill Thompson enjoyed the ride on the old streetcar and wanted to go back for more.
RR 1
There is lots to see there and a trip back is definitely worthwhile.  Unfortunately most of the leaves had already fallen in that area.
When we were in one of the barns we overheard some other photographers talking and it turns out that they are from the London Camera Club and were there to gather info for an outing to view the Christmas lights in December.
Very enjoyable day and I can’t wait to see some of Jeff’s photos.
Brian Harris