Composition & Lens Selection

John Novak, one of our members, made a presentation last Wednesday on Lenses and their contribution to the composition of a picture.  He suggested we learn how different lenses affect of photos.  For example, the telephoto lens appears to compress the distance between objects due to the perspective from the more distant location. For a given subject distance, a telephoto lens captures the scene with a much shallower depth of field than does other lenses.

John promised a copy of his presentation, it is a BIG download and it is now available here.  The following links provide the resource material John used for his presentation:

Photography Resources & Links

Aesthetics and Photography
An Eye for Composition
Bokeh from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia
How to Choose the Best Lens For a Specific Composition
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Lens diffraction & photography
Digital Photography Tutorials
Focal Length Multiplier
Image sensor format
Macro extension tubes & close-up lenses
Nikkor Lenses
Depth of field Calculator
Photography – The Lens
Lens focal length comparisons
Understanding camera lenses
Tutorials: depth of field
Using wide angle lenses

Thanks to John for his efforts.  The information is extremely useful for those who can change lenses and even helps with decisions when to zoom or not with a point and shoot camera.