Display your photography

Tonight (Nov 18) we were privileged to view a CAPA judging process for Greeting Cards and Notes. We don’t know who entered or won. We didn’t actually see the judging except for the judges doing their work in the far corner of a large room.

We did however get to see some excellent works by photographers from across Canada. A lot of time and effort went into these submissions.

I observed some photographs that I liked and some that I thought were okay. The judges apparently didn’t agree with me because I didn’t pick the winners.

Many years ago I realized we all like different things which is probably a good thing. We might end up all driving the same car model, living in the same house model and well, you’d never get into that restaurant.

Our club members are all capable of entering any of our club contests (clinics) but we don’t.  Maybe we have in the past and didn’t like that the judges decision. Maybe we are too critical about our work even though we never learn what others think of our work. I have seen photographs by our members that are as good or better than what I saw tonight. What I saw tonight was excellent!

Entering our contests is a valuable learning tool. It is not about winning, it is about getting knowledgeable information on  improving your work or just getting some well deserved praise.

Just my two cents worth.